For me, the best photography is when people don’t feel the discomfort of being photoshoot. Then I can reveal people’s true feelings and remain myself.
Thanks for the feedback and trust.

Awesome photographer 😍👍🏼
Work your job with great love and dedication !!
Sincere person. For the first time in life the most beautiful photos
We recommend only Egidiju Gedmina💋❤️‼ ️

Great man, the best! 😊

Professional work and presentation of the final result. Natural and not "overcrowded" attention for both newlyweds and holiday guests. Expect and even exceed expectations. Recommended!

THANKS to our celebration photographer. We were satisfied with everything, even my husband was satisfied, for whom photography is suffering :)) The best recommendations !! I hope to commemorate more than one of our celebrations!

A wonderful photographer and a person who is able to see and capture the most amazing moments !! :))) I highly recommend it !!

Sincere thanks and 100% recommendations !!!! A person who has not only talent but also a gift from God and knows how to use it. The photos exceeded all expectations. A warm, nice, tactful person, very happy to meet you.

Egidijus Gedminas is the best choice for a wedding photographer because: 1) excellent photo quality - clean compositions, curves highlighting newlyweds and pleasant muted tones delight in the photos; 2) communication - the ability to create a great atmosphere of a photo session. While we were both afraid of cameras and really disliked photography, we felt free and comfortable; 3) price - excellent price-quality ratio; 4) intuition (?) - the photographer immediately understood the concept of the holiday, what we want and even better what we do not want :) Thank you for the great work!

The most professional photographer I had to work with. The atmosphere is extremely important for photographers. Egidijus is perfectly capable of creating a cozy, warm environment without stress. You can forget the excitement and anxiety about photo quality. Seeing the results of the work, you understand what is perfect. Exceeds all expectations. I choose only it.

One of the best fografs Artistic man with a lot of ideas Thank you for the unique christening photos Private photo shoot super. Everything is reflected in the photos I recommend!

We would like to thank the photographer Egidijus for the wonderfully captured moments of our most important celebration. From the first meeting we realized that we chose the photographer correctly. The photo session was professional and very easy. Egidijus is a pleasant, easy-going person with a sense of humor, so these qualities make him feel great during a photo shoot. The photographer took some impressive photos, we would like to recommend to those in doubt, and thank Egidijus once again sincerely! 🙂

Photo - not only a beautiful picture, but also a mirror of the soul…
Therefore, not to perpetuate your most special, beautiful moments in life would be a sin, and it is necessary to entrust it to a person who is not only a specialist in his field, but also unconditionally committed to his work, just loves him and breathes with him. For a person you trust and believe in, you have no doubt. Such is Egidijus. Professional and I would even say professionally restrained. It is only for these reasons that we have entrusted our family holidays, for more than 10 years, only to this person. The photographer is not just a jerk, he is, as a member of the family, who stays in the country for the most moments of his life. And it doesn't matter what the occasion is: baptisms, weddings, birthdays, anyway, a beautiful spring day, or a hundredth birthday. He looks at each task equally responsibly. Is confusing and can decide on any adventure due to a good shot and of course the smile of the client.
THANK YOU, Egidija, to you for the wonderful photos in many of our photo albums.

I sincerely recommend Mr. Egidijus as a very warm and pleasant person, who is able to capture wonderful moments without anything :) It was very easy to agree, and from the morning of the holiday everything went just fine. And the photos and their design exceeded our expectations

We are very happy that we have chosen Egidija to commemorate our celebration. We were very pleased with his work and his communication. He’s an amazing person who knows what he’s doing. We say a big thank you.

Awesome person, amazing works and great communication. Left the warmest memories left! We recommend 100 percent!

We are very grateful to Egidijus for the professionally captured hottest wedding moments. This is a photographer who feels comfortable next to him and all the emotions in the photos are real - not played. We will definitely use his services more than once to capture the life events that are important to us.

We are very glad that we chose you! Because we spent the wedding day among the wonderful people between whom you were and you! And now it’s so nice to remember those moments looking at the photos! Thank you very much!

Awesome photographer! We truly thank you for the impeccably captured moments and for the warm cooperation during the celebration. We recommend it to everyone who wants the most beautiful and important moments of life to be captured by a perfect photographer - a real specialist in their field. We sincerely thank you! :)

We were very satisfied with Egidijus' work! An extremely nice and professional photographer. At first we thought that maybe if you are not young you will have no ideas or something. but we were very surprised by the work. Alone with two cameras rotating, devoted all 100% .Know all the places and angles how to make more beautiful photos.Really invite to other holidays;)

We entrusted this photographer with the most important holidays and we were really very pleased with the professional work. Sincere, warm and cozy ... ❤ ... No empty promises, everything in time and place!

A true professional! Very warm and nice photographer, I really recommend :)

Awesome photographer! A great combination of sincere communication and professionalism! Thank you for saving unique moments!

Unreal photographer! Photos, communication, quality of work, everything is super :) I am very glad that we chose Egidija for the most important holiday :) I recommend it all 100% :)

Awesome photographer who knows his job perfectly! The quality, quantity and price of the photos are very good and in line with the work done. It makes you feel comfortable and relaxed during the photo shoot. Encourages being yourself, and always reveals the beautiful and positive side of a person in photography. I am very happy with Egidijus' photos!

I can recommend this photographer 100%. He does his job perfectly, we are very satisfied with his work :) this photographer captured the most beautiful moments of our celebration, which will be remembered for a long time by the most beautiful shots :) in the future we will definitely choose this photographer's services, )

I know Egidijus and got acquainted with his works ~ 12 years ago, all my family celebrations are immortalized by him, and when it came time to choose a photographer for the wedding I did not doubt or look for another, just his works are wonderful, professional, and as a person warm, communicative. I recommend 110% of Egidijus really know that your vision and expressed wishes will be
to implement.

We entrusted Egidijus with capturing the most important celebration of his life and we were left with more than satisfaction. First of all, this man bribed us with his tact and sincerity. We were very excited about the photo shoot because we’re not models and don’t like to frolic in front of a photo lens, but the photo shoot went so naturally that it’s even hard to believe. We enjoyed the great weather, enjoyed each other, chatted, had fun verbally and didn’t even feel like we were being photographed. As for the works of this man, I think that it is enough to look at the gallery of his works without really saying them. We chose Egidija precisely because of his works, I fell in love with the photos he took, because I have not yet seen such warm and cozy moments. We recommend 100% !!!

If you really want to capture moments and not feel photographed, but enjoy the holiday, then this photographer is for you :) first of all, the biggest plus is that my husband was extremely skeptical about the photographer's services and it was very satisfied, because he didn't feel like working as a model :) we don’t miss, all the moments and more are immortalized. It is still extremely important that the photographer himself as a person is very simple. Guests, beauty salon staff, family members - praised Egidijus, even though he saw him for the first time, he just knows how to enchant not only with his photography works, but also with his presence and communication.

Thanks to this photographer, we were immortalized in the wedding photo shoot much better than we expected, just exceeding our expectations. There are plenty of photographers to choose from, but I would recommend Egidijus to those who want quality, very beautiful and interesting photographs at a very reasonable price. I myself have been looking for a photographer for my wedding for a long time, but as soon as I found Egidijus, I compared them to others ... and took a breath as my long searches ended.

Egidijus is not only a professional photographer… with him your celebration becomes cozy, he works invisibly, and after the celebration you lay fantastic shots.He is a great person and the most important events of me and family, surrounding relatives are no longer imaginable without this man's eye…